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Classic & Vintage tyres. based in Hull, East Yorkshire have been successfully supplying tyres for all vehicles and ages for the last 50 years. We have seen tyre brands and models come and go, so what happens when a manufacturer stops producing tyres that have the period features needed to suit say your classic MK1 Jaguar?

Well, these are still produced but in the construction of radial not cross-ply as radial tyres are 100% safer and stronger. Not to worry this is not visible to the eye the outer casing is still that of the old style tyres. Take the Michelin XAS tyre first launched in 1965 making them 52 years old “2017” and its claim to fame this was the first tyre produced as an asymmetric. This is still available to buy now with the very same appearance.

We are able to supply you with all brands and sizes of Vintage and Classic tyres suitable for Car, Van and Truck.

Below is a brand & model guide ensuring you get the tyres suitable for your Classic Car, Van or Truck.

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